Awful People are Desperate for Attention (11/11 – 11/17/2019)

Having the freedom to watch anything after the rough time I had last week, it’s surprising how little I actually watched.

Basically, this was another Catfish week. I finished season 5 *and* season 6, and started season 7 (which is FORTY FREAKING EPISODES).

This is like every episode of the show TBH.

From Netflix, I watched Haunted season 1 and started season 2. It’s a docuseries where people who experienced scary/supernatural events sit down with their friends/family and talk about it (complete with reenactments). It’s labeled as a “true story” but I don’t know if I totally believe that, and most of the internet seems to agree with me. But it’s still entertaining! Which is really what matters in the end.

For whatever reason, I decided to watch the pilot for Hazbin Hotel. There were a lot of accusations swirling around about the creator, but the premise of “rehabilitating demons in a hotel in hell” sounded so appealing that I snuck onto YouTube and watched it. Again, love the premise; honestly I love pretty much anything set in hell (though to be completely transparent, I rarely feel it’s done well). This, though? Not so much. The jokes were flat, the characters way underdeveloped, and the color scheme bled together too much to be interesting to watch. There was a reason for anyone to do anything, and I was struggling to get through the 30 minute animation, let alone consider watching episode two whenever it comes out.

I followed that up with The Hug (2018), which is basically just Five Nights at Freddy’s: a Short Film. I recommend it if you’re looking for spooks and have five minutes to kill.

I’m a big fan of Helpy
(note: Helpy is from a FNAF game, not from The Hug)

My “New Movie of the Week” for this week was Jojo Rabbit (2019). It’s supposed to be a satire about glamorizing celebrities/your idols and learning to think for yourself even when everyone around you disagrees, et cetera and so forth. Honestly, all of the funniest parts came in the first 20 minutes, all before the actual plot kicked it.

Unofficial Ratings

Jojo Rabbit

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A quote from my friend Kylie, ” Hitler really stole the show in this one”.

The Hug

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Maybe next time when a lifeless animatronic asks you for a hug, you say no?

Haunted: season 1

Rating: 3 out of 5.

By far the scariest episode is about the father who was a vicious serial killer (S1 E2: The Slaughterhouse) but unfortunately it was also the easiest to disprove (no one- including Netflix – ever reported the crimes to any authorities, and there are no record of these “hundreds” of people who were killed).

Catfish: season 5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

There was a full episode about a guy who sincerely thought he was in a six year long relationship with Katy Perry. He literally met the girl who was catfishing him and she admitted it to his face but he didn’t believe her. He literally emailed “Katy Perry” afterwards and was like “I met a girl yesterday who claimed to be you- crazy right?”.

Catfish: season 6

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m really gonna miss Max when he leaves the show :,(

As Always, Please Check Out My Letterboxd! Happy Watching!

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